Things to Do in Puerto Morelos

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Have you ever dreamed of white sand beaches in a carefree Caribbean fishing village with friendly locals, delicious food, no traffic lights, and a relaxed pace off the beaten path, but with lots to do?

Puerto Morelos is your dream come true. From the mystical ancestral rituals of Ayahuasca, countless sea-life encounters while diving or snorkeling, and the unique magic of cenotes, to wide-ranging menus of diverse regional and international cuisines, the relaxation of massages or yoga, and the fun of shining on the dance floor after your salsa lesson.

All of this and more can be found in this little but lush Caribbean town where the only con is the imperative need to come back. Check our selection of the best Things to Do in Puerto Morelos.

Things to Do in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos Things to Do

The exceptional assortment of activities Puerto Morelos offers while maintaining its laidback charm makes it a favorite vacation destination for visitors of all ages, physical ability levels, and interests related to the Riviera Maya.

The Sea and the Beach in Puerto Morelos

If you dream of the Caribbean, obviously, you love the ocean and white sand beaches. Here are the must-do activities around the sea and the beaches in Puerto Morelos.

National Reef Park

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is one of the world’s largest barrier reef systems. It stretches over 700 miles (1,126 kilometers) along the coasts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. It is in Puerto Morelos that the Mesoamerican Reef is closest to the shore. Because many of the species that live in it are endangered, Puerto Morelos National Reef Park enforces a high level of environmental protection, which not only makes it the healthiest section of the reef but has also triggered an expansive wave of ecological consciousness and friendliness in Puerto Morelos residents.

Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos

Therefore, you cannot visit the reef but with licensed guides, who will make sure preservation policies are not transgressed, while giving you the opportunity to learn all you need to know about the protection of reef-dwelling species, such as turtles, 500+ species of fish, sharks, manatees, queen conch, or rays, and 65 types of coral, among others, without the interference of the crowds you’d find elsewhere. Your guide will give you a bracelet to ensure your safety, to show you’re not in the reserve by yourself, and to control the allowed maximum number of visitors per day is not exceeded.

Just become a part of the ecosystem conservation effort and do not step on or touch anything. Also, make sure you wear eco-friendly sunscreen. My selection of unforgettable things to do in Puerto Morelos in the reef follows.

Diving in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos can boast of the best-preserved section of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef thanks to its thorough eco-friendly policies. Easy access to diving sites, extraordinary abundance of species, no dangerous currents, and tour guides’ expertise and professionalism make diving in Puerto Morelos a top choice for the to-do list of both beginner and advanced divers. If you are one of the latter, don’t miss the colorful iridescence of sea-life during a night dive or the Juan Escutia C-56 shipwreck—a definite must-see for wreck lovers. Find more detailed information at Diving in Puerto Morelos

Top diving sites also include the Fish Garden (only 8 minutes offshore and 30 ft maximum depth), the Mini Wall at the same depth, the Aquarium or Jardines (recommendable for intermediate divers at 47 ft), and Puentes. Not certified? Get your PADI certification during your stay in Puerto Morelos (see Diving Shops here to choose where). 

If you visit Puerto Morelos between late May and mid-September, you’re lucky to be here for the season when whale sharks come to the reef to eat plankton. That gives you the exclusive opportunity to meet these mellow marvels face to face. Just be careful not to get so close as to get hit by their tail. If you are not into diving, snorkeling in Puerto Morelos is the next best option.  

Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos

This is, no doubt, the highest ranked must-do water activity in Puerto Morelos and my personal favorite. It’s an open secret, the Caribbean offers the best snorkeling in the world. To put the lid on that, Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos is the calmest and closest to shore. Having effortless access to the second largest barrier reef in the world and not exploring it is an inexcusable sin. 

In Puerto Morelos, the Mesoamerican Reef is reachable only 437 yards (400 meters) offshore. You will need a boat to reach the national park, since it is forbidden to swim out there from the beach and snorkel independently. Short (one- or two-hour) snorkeling tours with registered guides are easy to book and affordable at around U$D 25 per person, visiting two snorkeling spots along the Mesoamerican Reef, with guide, park entrance, gear, and permission bracelet included. Full day snorkeling tours, including 2/3 reef stops, lunch, and various additional activities, start at U$D 80. If you’re an experienced snorkeler and swimmer, confident enough to venture on your own, take your snorkel, fins, and mask to Ojo de Agua Beach (a short walk north of the leaning lighthouse) for the closest of all Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos options, just 100 yards offshore and free!  

Just be careful with the currents and wear a T-shirt to prevent a sunburnt back. For further info and tips, visit Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos.

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Swimming Lessons in Puerto Morelos

So you’d love to snorkel but do not know how to swim? Just take a couple of swimming lessons in Puerto Morelos. Then, enjoy your new skills in the sea and boast about having learned how to swim in the Caribbean! However, do it with experts you can trust. Kiin-Ha offers lessons to adults, teenagers, children, and babies starting at three months old.

Catamaran Excursion in Puerto Morelos

Recommended for swimmers and non-swimmers of all ages, a catamaran excursion gives you the opportunity to sail on Caribbean waters, hop off at a secret sandbar, try paddle boarding, or just enjoy lunch and drinks offshore. Perfect for families with kids, this catamaran excursion includes onboard showers, towels, paddle boards, lunch, and unlimited drinks.

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Board a catamaran and cruise through the clear Caribbean waters of the Puerto Morelos lagoon. Enjoy a drink and take in beautiful views of the coast. Once you arrive at the secret sandbar, hop out for a swim in the warm water or try stand up paddle boarding. Have a delicious lunch and relax in the lounge areas before your return.

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Paddle Board in Puerto Morelos

Got hooked on paddle boarding at your catamaran excursion? Paddle boards are available at most beach clubs and cenotes. You can also ask at dive shops for paddle boards available for rent.

Beaches in Puerto Morelos

Got a more beach-bun-oriented personality? There are no second-rate beaches in Puerto Morelos. The absence of waves—thanks to the barrier provided by the reef—makes its beaches especially suitable for kids, seniors, and those who do not enjoy getting swept off their feet by breaking waves. 

The main beach rests the closest to the lighthouse and hosts most boats and restaurants. The closer to the main beach, the more activities, beach goers, and vendors. A short walk north will get you away from all hassle while still enjoying the services of beach clubs. 

Beach in Puerto Morelos Mexico

Beach Clubs in Puerto Morelos

Once again, Puerto Morelos offers options for all tastes and budgets. Try the world-class amenities of all-inclusive The Fives  or El Cid Beach Resorts.

More affordable options are Unico, My Paradise, and Ojo de Agua.

  • Unico offers lounge chairs and umbrellas you gain access to just by buying something from their menu, which includes delicious ceviches, salads, sandwiches, and Caribbean drinks. They also offer, paddle boards, massages, and tours for affordable fees.  
  • My Paradise (just a two-minute walk from the lighthouse) provides similar services for a nominal charge added to what you order from their menu. In peak season, book your sunbed in advance and bear in mind they will keep your reservation only until 11 AM. 
  • Ojo de Agua —my personal favorite because of its proximity to a snorkeling site, among other reasons—has an alluring beach day pass offered by Ojo de Agua Hotel, together with all-day restaurant service, the mandatory lounge chairs and parasols, and exclusive massage services. Don’t miss the Yoga Kia Ora sessions in the mornings. Ojo de Agua’s friendly staff go out of their way to make your beach day perfect and will never disappoint.

Fishing Charters in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a hotspot for anglers all year round. Savvy boat captains will take you and your group on a private fishing tour with many added amenities. The charter captain will even tell you where to have your catch cooked by a master chef at a local restaurant for a trifling fee. Explore our Puerto Morelos Fishing Charters for a first experience deep-sea fishing or Puerto Morelos Fishing tips if you’re an expert fisher.

Book your fishing tour

If you decide charter fishing is something you would like to try, our Puerto Morelos fishing charters will take you to practice the most exciting fishing techniques recommended for Caribbean species. Choose a technique from the following list and then find a charter that lists it under our Puerto Morelos Fishing Charters.

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What to Do in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos offers activities for all tastes. Here are some nature-related activities to do away from the beach and the sea.

Inshore Nature in Puerto Morelos


These freshwater sinkholes in the easily eroded Yucatan limestone bedrock provide unforgettable swimming, snorkeling, and diving experiences to visitors of all ages. They are sacred in Mayan culture as a freshwater source and spiritual link to the beyond. They are all part of an underground river network with astonishing combinations of sunshine, caverns, caves, pools, and crystal-clear cooler waters for you to dive, snorkel, paddle, kayak, or swim around. More into extreme sports? Ziplining or Tyrolean runways are available at most cenotes. An observer more than a protagonist? Relax on the deck chairs or have a snack on the picnic tables while you birdwatch. Puerto Morelos offers 60 different cenotes, each unique, along the 21 miles of its Cenotes Trail (Ruta de los Cenotes). You will encounter stalactites and stalagmites together with Mayan skeletal remains and artifacts—archeological evidence of the relevance of cenotes in ancient Mayan life because of their underworld connection.

Cenote Diving

Diving in a cenote is a mind-blowing experience. Here are my top three picks for cenote diving in Puerto Morelos.  Cenote Zapote’s underwater cavern boasts the famous Hell’s Bells, mushroom-like mineral deposit stalactite formations, which give this weird diving site its world fame. Stick to surface activities if you have claustrophobic concerns, as some cavern spaces can get quite tight. Cenote Siete Bocas (7 Mouths) has seven openings connected to its underwater cavern, which offers a rare light show produced by a humongous hydrosulfide cloud, which gives this cenote the alternative name of the Milky Way—a memorable option for advanced divers. Cenote Maravilla, also recommended for advanced divers, is shaped like a bell with a center top entrance. Plagued with blueish-green light beams and stalactites, this other-worldly cenote gives you the chance of the most favorite pics to share with your friends. Visit Diving in Puerto Morelos to book your cenote diving tour and to find more info on diving shops and diving in Puerto Morelos.

Adventure Parks

Puerto Morelos gives you the opportunity of adding jungle experiences to your vacation activities. Add some adventure to your list and go ziplining, ATVing, or biking through the jungle. My picks are Selvatica and Xenotes by Xcaret.


Planning a full day off the beach? In Ruta de los Cenotes Km 18, you will find jungle-based adventure park Selvatica, which offers ATVing along muddy extreme paths with sharp bends, 10 choices of dry and wet ziplining, bungee swinging, rope walking, picnics, cocktails, infinity pool, and cenote related activities, such as canoeing, swimming, diving, snorkeling, all in underwater oases, offered in different duration packets, starting at 4 hours and U$D 34. Check each package for age, waist size, and weight safety restrictions, as well as for what is included in the price and recommendations on what to bring with you. In between activities, you can chill out in one of the hammocks and appreciate the macaws and the scenery.

You can reach Selvatica easily from Puerto Morelos on the road to Leona Vicario if you rent a car, or you can take a bus that departs from the Colonia main square for an under U$S 2 fare.

Xenotes by Xcaret

Right on Ruta de los Cenotes (Cenotes Trail), Xenotes by Xcaret park features all four different types of cenotes, namely, open (K’áak’), semi open (Ha’), ancient (Lik), and cavern (Lu’um). Fun activities include ziplining, cliff jumping, rappelling, kayaking, and swimming, all of them in extraordinary Mayan jungle sinkholes. Got hungry? Scheduled picnic breaks offer delicious food and drinks, such as hot chocolate, coffee, sodas, waters, wine, beer, fruit, soups, salads, cheeses, cold meats, and bread. The park opens at 7 AM every day and accepts children from 6 to 11 at half the price of adults. The tour ticket for a 6-hour stay includes round-trip transportation, certified guide, entrance, food, and equipment (life jacket, mask, rappel gear, kayak, and inner tube). Remember to tip their helpful and friendly staff.

Botanical Garden with Mayan Ruins

Established in 1982, Jardín Botánico Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marín in Puerto Morelos (Cancun-Tulum Hwy, km 320) is one of the largest botanical gardens in Mexico and offers over 160 acres of biodiversity spiced by tricentennial trees, waterfalls, mangrove footpaths, lush jungle hikes, an exceptional hanging canopy bridge, and an observation tower. Knowledgeable guides will fill you in on medicinal plants, bubblegum zapote sap, other flora and fauna data, and Mayan legends while you explore archeological ruins and a model Mayan house in the company of iguanas, exotic birds, spider monkeys, and stingless Melipona honeybees. Enjoy the hammocks in the rest area when you need to get off your feet. Don’t forget to bring your camera, binoculars, comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, repellent, and plenty of water for a 2-hour plus outing.

Croco Cun Zoo

Calling Croco Cun a zoo can be misleading at best. This sanctuary for rescued fauna presents an interactive approach that completely sets it apart from a traditional zoo. Originally a crocodile farming site, it now hosts a 13 ft long rescued crocodile, a freed albino Burmese python, hairless dogs, weird looking turtles, green snakes, colorful endangered parrots, spider monkeys, and deer, among others. While preparing the rescued creatures to return to the wild, Croco Cun gives you the chance of close encounters with boas and crocodiles, feeding, and touching many of the rescuees. In tune with Puerto Morelos conservationist policies, the guides will make sure you learn about preserving the ecosystem and its wildlife. A tiny café serves breakfast, club sandwiches, cold beverages, and delicious desserts, to accommodate your needs during a break in an under 2-hour visit.  Easily reached by car, taxi, van, or bus, you can’t miss it on your right on the northbound highway towards Cancun. Tickets can be bought online. The costs for tourists are U$D 34 for adults, U$D 24 for 6-12 year-olds, and free for children 5 or younger. There are special discount prices for Mexicans. It opens every day from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.


In eco-conscious Puerto Morelos, you can interact with dolphins and learn about them while staying sure you are not disrupting their natural habitat. If you are interested in swimming, playing, and becoming a marine mammal’s game partner, visit Delphinus Park located at 15 El Cid Blvd. and open everyday from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. You should budget your time for 3-4 hours in this park, as Delphinus offers a wide assortment of activities, whose costs depend on the type and length of dolphin encounters. They offer attractive discounts and deals if you book online 6 days in advance.

Horseback Riding

Another activity Puerto Morelos offers animal lovers is horseback riding. How would you fancy a sunrise beach or cenote trail tour on horseback?

ATV Tours

A favorite activity in the Cenotes Trail. Check Selvatica and Xenotes by Xcaret to choose the best package for you.


Another activity available in most cenotes and adventure parks. Visit Selvatica and Xenotes by Xcaret to select the package you like.

Things to Do in Puerto Morelos Mexico

The first settlers came to what today is Puerto Morelos circa 1250, which makes this town one of the oldest in the Riviera Maya. That gives Puerto Morelos, previously known as Punta Corcho, remarkable cultural relevance.

Mayan Culture in Puerto Morelos

Since you are in the Riviera Maya, why not expand your knowledge and lived experiences with some Mayan culture immersion?


Having been rejected when applying to take part in this ancient ritual because I have no previous psychedelic drug experience, I still feel compelled to recommend looking into this mystical ceremony if you do have experience with mind-altering states. Made by brewing two powerful plants, it is the ayahuasca drink that gives name to the ritual, only available from and performed by experienced shamans.

Tequila Tasting

For those into strong drinks, tequila and its famous cocktails are a must. Available anywhere with an alcohol license, tequila can be tasted for free while buying jewelry or you can make it a 2-hour tour at Tequila Factory, where they will serve you seven different types of tequila with their various cocktails, creams, and infusions. Coconut tequila is mine. What’s yours?

Artisans’ Street Market

Are you into shopping? Why not contribute to the survival of authentic Mexican craftsmanship? Start at the Puerto main square street market for local arts and crafts. You will discover true artists while you are looking for keepsakes. As for everything else in this bohemian village, the variety offered provides for all budgets and tastes without sacrificing quality. Toys and sea-shell mobiles, local honey and chocolate treats, handmade clothes, hammocks, hats, totes, bags, and pottery are my favorites.  Apart from the possibility of bargaining, you will have the chance of learning so much more about Mexico than if you shop in the Rodeo-Drive-like designer stores in Cancun Zona Hotelera, which are not that far anyway, if that’s what you’re into. Puerto Morelos allows for hassle-free shopping, without the harassment you may suffer along tourist-packed Playa del Carmen 5th Avenue.

Puerto Morelos Farmers’ Market

Usually set up close to the Catholic church, you will find the best produce and handicrafts here. Since it is not a permanent feature, consider yourself lucky if you come when it is open.

Things to Do Puerto Morelos

As you wander Puerto Morelos streets, look for street art. Puerto Morelos walls are covered in murals and other visual arts. Being a small village, instructors of dancing, yoga, cooking, or eco-friendly living will have no problem coming anywhere it is convenient for you. Stop at one of the many restaurants on your way and have your binoculars with you to enjoy the abundance of birds everywhere. Also, consider one of these Relaxing alternatives.

Anytime Anywhere in Puerto Morelos

Dancing Lessons

The best salsa and bachata instructor in the Riviera Maya happens to live in Puerto Morelos. Steve often says he specializes in two left-feet dancers, and I can be held witness that Steve can work dancing miracles.  I have seen people who could not move to the beat at the beginning of a lesson enjoy dancing by the end of it. Steve Dance Academy offers dancing instruction for dancers of all levels and ages with Steve’s exclusive caring, professional, and fun touch. You can join salsa and bachata groups for a monthly fee and/or book private lessons.

Eating and Drinking

With no big chain restaurants or waiting line pagers, Puerto Morelos has an extraordinary variety of restaurants, beach clubs, cafés, and bars to cater for all types of cuisine and dietary preferences, from select seafood delicacies through regional Mexican and international cuisine, to exquisite vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan options, available at a wide-ranging assortment of ambiances and budgets, from top-scale restaurants for a romantic dinner to inexpensive street food carts, all-time favorites of adults and children alike. Choose your faves from our Eating and Drinking recommendations.


Here is something you’ll be able to do anywhere and anytime. Puerto Morelos is amid the habitat of over 400 bird species. Have your binoculars and camera with you. That’s all you need to turn any walk in Puerto Morelos into a birdwatching tour.

Learning about Eco-friendly Living

Among the many aspects that make Puerto Morelos unique, its residents’ eco-friendliness as well as jungle and marine wildlife protection efforts are paramount. Everywhere you go, guides and ordinary folks will be eager to give you sound tips on caring for the environment. Their love and caring make Puerto Morelos one of the best-preserved ecosystems in Mexico.

Walking Tours, Bike Tours, and Sightseeing in Puerto Morelos

Faro Inclinado (Leaning Lighthouse)

The most well-known Puerto Morelos postcard is, no doubt, the Leaning Lighthouse, Puerto Morelos’s prominent landmark. What today is the Leaning Lighthouse was built in 1946 using Mayan structures and stones to reach a height of 33 ft. Hurricane Beulah affected its foundation in 1967, leaving, as a result, the most beloved and iconic Puerto Morelos sight and a symbol of Mexican strength, Faro Inclinado, which still stands in front of the newer and working lighthouse built in the 1980’s.

Faro inclinado

La Ruta de los Cenotes

This spectacular paved route stretches for 21 miles on the road between the Cancun-Tulum Hwy and Leona Vicario, winding through lush jungle, with clear signs for pedestrians, bikers, and motorists to find the entrance to each of its 60 cenotes. Then, dirt paths—some uneven and plagued with potholes—lead from the paved road to each of the cenotes and its marvels. I recommend you explore the route first and choose the cenotes you would like to visit, as each of them has its own entrance fee (from U$D 5 to U$D 15) and is worth a full day or half a day trip. Package tours are available that include several cenotes, but some of these sinkholes are not included in any tours, so you may need to call on them individually. 

Typical cenote activities include diving, snorkeling, swimming, ziplining, biking, ATVing, kayaking, birdwatching, wildlife encounters, jump-off platforms, and picnicking. However, each cenote has its own charm and the amenities and facilities offered vary. Cenotes Zapote, Siete Bocas, and Maravilla are my favorite because they are ideal for cenote diving. Other faves are La Noria and Kiin Ha, but they are all worth visiting for exciting activities and refreshing relaxation.

Puerto Morelos Mexico Things to Do

Is it time for a break on excursions and exciting activities? Try one of these options. You may like them so much as to incorporate them into your daily schedule.

Relaxing in Puerto Morelos

Yoga Puerto Morelos

Tailored for both beginners and expert yogis and yoginis by savvy and sweet Mariane, her sunrise yoga sessions by the sea are second to none. Contact Mariane for private sessions at times and places of your convenience. The only yoga instructor I can recommend without a doubt, Mariane has the expertise and caring needed to help anyone revel in bodily and spiritual growth. See Yoga Kia Ora for further details.

Massage Puerto Morelos

Massage services are available at most beach clubs. Other exclusive relaxation options include temescal (an ancient Mayan steam bath) and outdoor hydrotherapy.

Things to Do in Puerto Morelos Cancun

If you’d like to add a visit to Cancun or other nearby places on the Riviera Maya during your stay in Puerto Morelos, consider the following selection.

Exploring the Yucatan Peninsula

Puerto Morelos is an ideal departure point to explore the Yucatan Peninsula and Mexican Riviera Maya. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Private Yacht Cancun

Departing from Zona Hotelera in Cancun, choose one of the three Private Yacht Cancun duration options for a Caribbean cruise taste of Cancun aboard a luxury 60ft yacht: 2, 4, and 6 hours long. The two-hour tour allows you to watch the sunset in the Cancun Bay lagoon, or you may add swimming and snorkeling activities on the two longer options sailing to Isla Mujeres.

Book a yacht

See Details

Spearfishing Cancun

This fishing technique combines diving and sailing with hunting for fish. There are many spearfishing spots along Riviera Maya. Find your favorite one here.   

Day Trips from Puerto Morelos

  • Cancun: The most well-known spot in the Riviera Maya, Cancun has all imaginable amenities, from an opera house to the designer shops you’d find in Hollywood or Paris. It is also the departure point for most Riviera Maya tours.
  • Cozumel
  • Isla Contoy and Mujeres
  • Isla Mujeres: An island where most people get around on golf carts features white-sand beaches, charming rocky cliffs, and crystal blue waters.
  • Playa del Carmen – Xcaret: Book your tour from Puerto Morelos to visit this remarkable eco-archeological park.

Extended Trips from Puerto Morelos

  • Chichen Itza: Visit the most famous archeological site in the Yucatan peninsula. Just a 3-hour drive from Puerto Morelos, it is worth staying overnight not to miss the night show.
  • Coba: Another archeological site, well-known by its multiple Mayan white roads. There are also several cenotes nearby.
  • Tulum: Only a 2 and a half hour drive from Puerto Morelos, it is well worth staying overnight so as to have enough time to visit the ruins and include Sian Ka´an in your visit, a designated natural biosphere reserve since 1986 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.
  • Xcalak: Close to the border with Belize, this fishing village boasts Xcalak Reef National Park, a scuba divers’ haven not yet discovered by tourist crowds.

Best Things to Do in Puerto Morelos

If your stay duration is limited, here is a short list of must-dos you should not overlook.

  • Snorkeling and/or Diving. Don’t miss the unforgettable experience of entering a different reality where time halts while life spurs endlessly.
  • Salsa and Bachata Dancing Lessons. If you cannot make it to any of the weekly scheduled lessons, ask for a couple of private sessions.
  • Yoga. Same suggestion as above holds here.
  • Selvatica
  • Xenotes by Xcaret
  • Cenotes. Choose at least one and spend the day.
  • Pamper yourself at one of the beach clubs or hire a Mayan healing-hands masseuse.
  • Pelicanos. Plan one daytime meal at this restaurant, enjoying the proximity of the birds and the sea.

Puerto Morelos Travel Guide

Puerto, Colonia, or Pescadores?

Puerto Morelos is physically divided by “el manglar” (the mangroves) and the Cancun-Tulum Hwy into three well-defined areas:

  • El Puerto, a.k.a. the Hotel Zone or Antiguo Puerto Morelos, is east of the mangroves and constitutes the most touristy of the three, with more hotels, condos, restaurants, and tourist-targeted shops than the other two.
  • Pescadores, a.k.a. Colonia de Pescadores, is a small quarter east of the highway and west of the mangroves.
  • La Colonia, a.k.a. Colonia Joaquin Zetina Gazca, is west of the highway and the mangroves and the area mainly inhabited by locals in private one or two-storey homes, gated communities, and family shops.

All three sections of the town are laid out in a grid pattern, which makes it impossible to lose your way. The two local buses (in fact vans labelled as “colectivos”) run in circular routes both ways.

FAQ about Puerto Morelos

  • Is Puerto Morelos safe?

With the sensible limitations of what “safe” means in today’s world, Puerto Morelos is one of the safest destinations in Mexico, where all tourist towns are purposefully kept safe for tourist industry protection reasons.  Compared with Puerto Vallarta or neighboring Cancun, Puerto Morelos is far quieter and lower key, which means crowds, con artists, or petty crime are rare. It is perfectly safe to walk on your own. I have never felt threatened walking alone or cycling at night. That said, as anywhere in the world today, never leave your belongings unattended and always beware of your surroundings. Just be as careful as you would be at home.

  • Is Puerto Morelos family friendly?

Because of its assortment of child-friendly and senior-friendly activities and remarkable level of safety, Puerto Morelos is highly recommended for families.

  • How dangerous is the sea in Puerto Morelos?

Because the reef acts as a protective barrier, no large waves crash onto the shore. All beaches have easy sea access on bare feet.

  • Are beaches clean in Puerto Morelos?

All beaches in Puerto Morelos are groomed at dawn daily. In the summer—sargassum season—cleaning efforts may extend for longer hours. If/when needed, you can check sargassum status here.

  • Is there nightlife in Puerto Morelos?

Puerto Morelos is not a partying hotspot as Playa del Carmen is, but there are some nightlife options for live music, dancing, dining, and drinking, in a more friends and family-oriented atmosphere, e.g., La Sirena, Micheladas del Semaforo, Unico Beach Club, Los 80, Local 21, Puerto Botanero, among others, which are open until midnight or 2AM max. If you’d like to dance the night away till dawn, find discos or “sociales” (social dancing gatherings) in Playa del Carmen or Cancun. Puerto Morelos offers a more relaxed type of nightlife, sharing cocktails and food with friends while chatting and dancing. If you decide to leave Puerto Morelos for a night, you can also consider Joya, Cirque du Soleil’s show at Vidanta Resort, which offers different packets of dinner, champagne, and show, just 15 minutes south on the highway.

  • Do I need travel insurance to visit Puerto Morelos?

Even when Mexico is remarkably safe for tourists, weather conditions, accidents, and health-related issues are always out of one’s control. As for any international travel, insurance is highly recommended.

  • Which is the best season to visit Puerto Morelos?

This is tough to point out now with changing world weather patterns. Traditionally, the rainy season is May-October, and the hottest months are June-September. Hurricane season starts in June and ends in November. The only almost permanent weather conditions are humidity and heat, as it is usually expected in the tropical Caribbean.  

  • What should I bring to Puerto Morelos?

You will be able to buy or rent everything on this list in Puerto Morelos, but if you’d like to pack your own, here are my suggestions: Hat and/or umbrella, as you will be walking under scorching sun; t-shirts and shorts; eco-friendly sunscreen and repellent; swimsuit and towels; dry bag/waterproof pouch for belongings and phones; comfortable walking shoes and flip-flops; sun shades; rain jacket; sports gear of your choice; and any prescribed medicines you may need.

  • What accommodation options are available in Puerto Morelos?

There are accommodation options for all budgets and tastes, from the pricier beach-front villas to budget hostels or rental rooms in La Colonia. There are gated communities with all imaginable facilities and amenities and homeowners that will rent out a room with or without meals. The lowest rates are around U$D 15 a night, but there are also five-star all-inclusive resorts at the other end of the scale, as well as an adult-only option. My personal peace-and-quiet plus luxury favorite is Eklum house, which offers individual rooms or whole house short and long term rentals in a jungle-based gated community quite close to the beach.

  • What is the main con of Puerto Morelos?

Just one serious con I can think of: You won’t want to leave.

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