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If you are thinking of visiting Mexico, and especially the Mayan Riviera, you’ve probably heard of Cancun or Playa del Carmen as dream destinations. There are obviously other places to visit and stay in the area if you are looking for a laid-back Mexican beach vacation.

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What to do in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos Mexico is definitely dream-worthy. Puerto Morelos is a laid-back fishing village just 20 minutes south of Cancun. What visitors love about ‘Puerto’ are lower prices and a slower pace of life than its larger, busier neighbors. It’s the perfect spot for relaxation at one of the several Puerto Morelos vacation rentals – a place to get away from it all and experience the pure Caribbean life, while still being centrally located to the surrounding attractions of the Riviera Maya.

You have all the beauty of the Caribbean less than 20 minutes from the Cancun International Airport. Puerto is located almost exactly between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, and literally right off the highway.

Staying in Puerto means you get the advantages and the amenities that Cancun and Playa offer, but none of the crowds and needless noise.

A bit of history

Have you ever heard of the term Chicle? It’s a resin used to make chewing gum.

Not only did the ancient Maya contribute huge wisdom to our vision of astronomy and architecture they contributed their knowledge to something within the reach of almost everyone today: chewing gum. Known among the Maya as “sicté,” meaning “essential fluid,” it was completely natural, with white color and without flavors or added sugar.It had a special manufacturing process that only the ancient Maya had mastered.The gum was boiled and shaped into bricks, loaded onto a railroad, pulled by mules or horses over tracks through the jungle to Puerto Morelos, then shipped around the world.

Puerto Morelos is unique because it is the only deep-water port in this neck of the sands.In the mid-1900s manufacturers started using a cheaper synthetic base for their products, thus taking away the port’s main business.However, since then not much has changed.That’s what makes this place so great!

You’re guaranteed to meet some of the friendliest people in the world, learn a little history, and truly unwind in a serene and laidback atmosphere.

White sanded Caribbean beach

You’re on vacation in a tropical paradise, of course, you are going to want some valuable rest and relaxation time on the beach and in the beautiful water.

Generally, speaking beaches in Puerto Morelos are wide, sandy, uncrowded, and groomed every single morning!

The water here is fit for snorkeling so be sure to bring your gear with you. However, if you do forget to bring it you will be able to buy some locally on the town’s main square or rent some from one of the locals just past the pier.

Puerto Morelos white sanded beach

Snorkelling or scuba diving in Puerto Morelos

In Puerto Morelos Mexico, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef comes right to the surface around 300 yards off-shore. You can watch the white water as the ocean waves break apart and tumble over the coral reef, creating fantastic sights and sounds to enjoy from your lounge chair. Many boats offer rides to the reef in calm water to enjoy world-class snorkeling and near by, there are many diving spots. You can also book amazing snorkelling tours with locals.

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Visit The Cenotes Near Puerto Morelos

There are also a lot of Cenotes near Puerto Morelos, in fact, there is an entire road full of them, they say it has 32! It is called Ruta de Los Cenotes and you are going to need to either rent a car or book a tour to get to it. You could also just take a taxi but if you do that make sure you plan ahead so you know which Cenote near Puerto Morelos to go to. Cenotes are fresh water holes or pools formed by underground water. The water is cristal clear and some of them has cave and amazing rock formations.

Deep sea fishing

We’ve all been captivated by tales of the high sea and the adrenaline-inducing adventure of setting out to catch the big one. Well, not only can you fulfill your fantasy while on a trip to Puerto Morelos, but you can do so while navigating one of the world’s most beautifully azure waters: the Caribbean Sea.

Shopping in Puerto Morelos

If you’re retail crazy and like to shower yourself with expensive gifts on vacation, then Puerto Morelos is not the place to do it! Most of the shops here are the ones that line the town’s main square. Here you’ll find authentic Mexican goods, delicious local treats, and even a flea market!

The locals here are very kind, not pushy like other places in Mexico. It’s never crowded and you’re guaranteed to find a great deal!

Yoga in Puerto Morelos

If you want to take a break and time for yourself, Puerto Morelos is a perfect town to start or follow your yoga practice. You will find many hotels or resorts offering yoga classes. If you are more a outside yogy, you can also join a yoga class on the beach.

You can contact Yoga Kia Ora, they offer private or small group classes on the beach, early in the morning but it will kick you day off.

Learn salsa in Puerto Morelos

As being in a latin country, how about taking salsa lessons? In puerto Morelos, there is 1 great dance academy who offers private and small group salsa dancing lesson. They have a great methodology to make you catch up the basics of salsa, no matter if you are beginner, have 2 left feet or want to improse your salsa moves, they will make you move as a latin guy! Contact Steve Dance Academy to schedule you class.

Delicious food in Puerto Morelos

In Puerto Morelos Mexico, you will find different type of food. On the side of the “puerto”, restaurants offer traditional and international food, as well as many vegeterian and vegan options. On the other side of the federal, in the “Colonia”, you will find local street food, tacos and quesadillas restaurants and also delicious ceviches or seafood food. Check the restaurant directory to find the food you fell like eating today.

Security and safety

Most of the Yucatan is very safe in general, as the Mexican government tries very hard to protect the tourism industry which brings millions of dollars to the country. Puerto Morelos is no exception–it’s very safe. You’ll feel comfortable walking its streets at any time of day or night.

Rent your vacation home

Many of the Puerto Morelos Mexico vacation rental are close to town. There is a wide option of accommodations. Family houses or condos with view on the beach, with pools, walking distance from the beach and downtown. EKLUM have the best service and many rental options.

Puerto Morelos Mexico