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Born as a fishing village, Puerto Morelos boasts traditional knowledge and advanced technology to offer safe and successful fishing experiences for skilled and beginner sport fishers alike.

Puerto Morelos Fishing

Puerto Morelos Fishing Charters

Fishing charters in Puerto Morelos cater all tastes and needs. Affordable rates start at U$S 200 for a group of 4, and the advantages compensate the costs with easiness, efficiency, and the help of knowledgeable captains and experienced crew to warrant your catch and your safety. Puerto Morelos fishing charters supply you with all necessary equipment and their savvy captains are ready to help you and share their vast expertise. 

Make your trip to the Caribbean complete by cruising its emblematical turquoise waters aboard one of Puerto Morelos fishing charter boats to fish in the open sea or the Mesoamerican Reef under the guidance of knowledgeable and friendly captains. Explore our Puerto Morelos Fishing Charters.

Fiching charters Puerto Morelos Mexico

If you enjoy the sea, nature, the sun on your skin, and the breeze in your hair, give yourself this gift. Top it off with the excitement of fighting some of the Caribbean’s most treasured fish species. You can return them to the sea after the obligatory picture, cook them at home, or ask your captain for directions to a close-by restaurant where a skilled chef will prepare your catch for your pride and delight for a nominal charge (around U$S 10 per specimen).  It’s not easy to find an adventure to equal the one Puerto Morelos fishing charters deliver. Warning: You will love it so much you may become addicted to it! 

Puerto Morelos fishing charters options and costs vary according to the type of boat, capacity, exclusive or shared, services and amenities included, and duration of the tour. How to choose the best Puerto Morelos fishing charter adventure for you? Consider the following:

  • how fancy, powerful, and large a boat you would like
  • how many people are in your group (if taking children, their ages)
  • how long a tour you would like to take
  • what services and amenities you expect available or included
  • how much you are ready to pay
  • use customers’ reviews and ratings provided in Puerto Morelos Fishing Charters.

Puerto Morelos Mexico Fishing Charters

Here is an overview of the combinations you may find. Boat types vary from small pangas to powerful vessels, and upscale yachts, which can take from 2 to 12 passengers on trips that last 4, 6, 8, or 10 hours. 

All the charters in our Puerto Morelos Fishing Charters offer private trips (for your group only, not shared with others), the cost of which varies according to the type of vessel, the maximum number of passengers she can take, the services and amenities included, and the length of the trip. Costs may vary from U$D200 for a group of 4 on a panga with no toilet on a 4-hour trip, to U$D1600 for a group of 10 on a hatteras or yacht with all possible services included (e.g. showers, bedroom, and bar) on a 10-hour trip. 

Fishing Charters and tours Puerto Morelos

The usual services and amenities include fishing equipment and bait, catch cleaning and filleting, fighting chair, water, sodas, beer, and snacks, lunch (typically ceviche on longer trips), ice box for your drinks, toilet, English speaking and experienced captain and crew, and fishing license. Some boats offer snorkeling opportunities and gear upon request. Although they are all child friendly, the minimum age allowed may differ according to the boat. Cancellation policies also vary.

For details Puerto Morelos fishing charter options, including boat specifications, rates and what they include, amenities, type of fishing and techniques offered, and what species you may catch from each boat, see our Puerto Morelos Fishing Charters. Pay attention to the customers’ ratings and reviews for each charter!

Puerto Morelos Mexico Fishing

Shore and spear fishing are for you if you are a more experienced fisher who does not need to be assisted by the expertise of a savvy boat captain and crew.

Puerto Morelos Shore Fishing

For those fishers who enjoy the stillness of the beach, Puerto Morelos offers shore fishing.  As long as you keep to the mandatory safety distance of 250 meters (273 yards) away from swimmers, you can cast a line at will, as shore fishing has no restrictions or need for a license in Puerto Morelos. The same holds true for surf fishing, i.e. land-based fishing from the shore or while standing on the shoreline or striding into the surf area. Fly fishing is an option on the beach and docks for barracuda, bonefish, amberjack, snapper, and snook.

Puerto Morelos SpearFishing

Growing in popularity in the Mayan Riviera, spearfishing is a method that uses a straight pointed object (a spear, gig, or harpoon) to impale the fish. It is suggested for thrill-seeking free divers ready to experience a primeval method of fish hunting. If you are new to spearfishing, find an expert to guide you and keep you safe. Spearfishing in Puerto Morelos is recommended for barracuda, grouper, snapper, and wahoo. You need a fishing license for spearfishing. You can also choose spearfishing Cancun or Spearfishing Playa del Carmen.

Fishing Puerto Morelos

If you decide charter fishing is something you would like to try, our Puerto Morelos fishing charters will take you to practice the most exciting fishing techniques recommended for Caribbean species.  Choose a technique from the following list and then find a charter that lists it under our Puerto Morelos Fishing Charters.

Find your trip with a clic on the following banner.

Deep Sea Fishing Puerto Morelos

Deep sea fishing is for open sea lovers and gives the opportunity to catch the most varied and largest fish. Shared or private charter fishing are available in Puerto Morelos, the latter being the more affordable. For those interested in deep sea fishing Puerto Morelos has the advantage fishing charters do not need to go too far to be able to deep-water fish for Amberjack, Dorado/Mahi-Mahi, Sailfish, or Wahoo. Explore deep-sea fishing options in our Puerto Morelos Fishing Charters.

Deep Sea Fishing Puerto Morelos Mexico

Both bottom fishing and trolling are options of deep-sea fishing. Here is what you need to know:

Bottom Fishing Puerto Morelos

This technique consists in fishing close to or on the sea floor. It demands patience and expertise. Your charter captain will teach you what to do and when. The boat will stay above reefs or drift slowly to target Amberjack, Snapper, and Flounder. You will find the available bottom fishing options in our Puerto Morelos Fishing Charters.

Puerto Morelos Shore Fishing

A versatile technique for shallow or deep waters, trolling allows to catch various fish at a time by dragging several lines behind the boat with various baits and at different depths.

Charter captains will know at what speed and where to target the species of your interest. For instance, slower (up to 3 knots) shallow water trolling for Permit and Snook; faster (up to 8 knots) bottom trolling for Amberjack, Grouper, and Red Snapper; and fastest (10 knots) for Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfish, White Marlin, Tuna, and Wahoo. Explore our trolling options in Puerto Morelos Fishing Charters


Do I need a fishing license?

One extra benefit of fishing from a Puerto Morelos fishing charter boat is that you will be covered by the boat’s fishing license, and you will not need to purchase one yourself. (See options at Puerto Morelos Fishing Charters.) Shore fishing does not require a fishing license. In contrast, licenses are required for spear fishing. Fishing licenses can be paid at a bank presenting forms you download online from here. Licenses are issued for one day, one week, one month, and one year for individuals or for excursions, with costs from around U$S10-60. For more information about fishing licenses in Puerto Morelos, email permisospescacont@gmail.com or the Puerto Morelos Port Captain at cp.ptomorelos@semar.gob.mx

What should I bring?

Sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat or cap, water, snacks, medicines (if you take any or if you get seasick) and, of course, your camera! It is a good idea to take cash to tip the crew for their helpfulness and hospitality.

Can I take my children?

Absolutely! Most boat captains welcome children of all ages. Find child friendly options at Puerto Morelos Fishing Charters

What happens if there’s bad weather on the day of my booked tour?

You can cancel trips free of charge 1-7 days in advance depending on the boat. Cancellations are also free any time when weather conditions are unsafe. Check specific cancellation policies at Puerto Morelos Fishing Charters

What is a Billfish Grand Slam?

Reeling in three different species of billfish in a day is a Billfish Grand Slam. Are you up for the challenge?

Where can I fish in Puerto Morelos?

Practically everywhere. “It is prohibited to practice sportfishing 250 meters or less from swimmers.” Taken from the Violation page of the SAGARPA website, this regulation prohibits fishing under 273 yards away from swimmers for obvious security reasons. Other than that, there are no restrictions to fishing in Puerto Morelos.

Are there any bag limits or species restrictions?

Yes. The bag limit is 10 fish per person per day with a maximum of five of a single species, two dorado/mahi-mahi, roosterfish, shad, and tarpon, and only one Marlin, Sailfish, and Swordfish per person per day. Your Puerto Morelos fishing charter captain will let you know when it is time to catch and release.

  • What type of fish can I expect to catch in Puerto Morelos? Puerto Morelos is known for a variety of fish, including sailfish, marlin, tuna, wahoo, dorado, and more. The type of fish you can catch may depend on the season and the location you fish in.

  • Do I need a fishing license to fish in Puerto Morelos? Yes, you need a fishing license to fish in Puerto Morelos. You can obtain a fishing license from local tackle shops or online.

  • Is it safe to fish in Puerto Morelos? Yes, it is safe to fish in Puerto Morelos. However, it is always recommended to fish with a licensed and experienced guide to ensure your safety and maximize your chances of catching fish.

  • What type of fishing gear should I bring? It depends on the type of fish you want to catch. In general, a medium to heavy spinning or conventional rod and reel with a 20-30 lb test line is suitable for most fishing in Puerto Morelos. Your guide can also provide recommendations on gear.

  • Can I keep the fish I catch? Yes, you can keep the fish you catch, but there are regulations on the size and number of fish you can keep. Your guide can advise you on local fishing regulations.

  • What should I wear when fishing in Puerto Morelos? Wear comfortable, lightweight clothing, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. You may also want to bring a light jacket or raincoat, as weather conditions can change quickly.

  • What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my fishing trip? Your guide may have to cancel or reschedule your trip if the weather is too dangerous for fishing. In such cases, you will be notified as soon as possible, and you may be offered a refund or a rescheduled trip.

  • I hope that helps! Enjoy your fishing trip in Puerto Morelos.

Marina El Cid Puerto Morelos Fishing

Marina El Cid is the anglers’ hotspot from where most fishing charters depart. You can spend a day at one of the beach clubs to watch the boats while you decide which of them suits your fancy. Not an easy task!

Puerto Morelos Fishing Species

The following table tells you What, When, Where, and How to fish in Puerto Morelos. It is only for general reference. Other species, spots, fishing types and techniques may be available. Ask your charter captain for expert guidance and recommendations. Choose your boat and captain here Puerto Morelos Fishing Charters.

Fishing Table Puerto Morelos Mexico

Puerto Morelos Fishing Charters

Puerto Morelos fishing tours

Whether you are a beginning amateur or an expert in fishing Puerto Morelos is a recognized fishing paradise and must definitely be on your bucket list. Why? Because of its year-round good weather, its safety, its friendliness, and the number and availability of savvy and welcoming captains when you choose Puerto Morelos fishing charters. Folowing, you will find the information of our recommended charter.

The team

The captains with more than 25 years of experience in this activity, will help you find the greatest variety of seasonal fish in Puerto Morelos Quintana Roo.
This activity is an excellent option for the whole family, no experience is required.

Fishing types

Bottom fishing
With the boat in neutral, the Down-Riggers are used to lower the line along with the hook and bait to a depth of 150 to 200 feet.
Trolling fishing
With the ship in motion using the Out-Riggers and Down-Riggers.


  • Captain and crew.
  • Fishing rods.
  • Fishing equipment (fishing chairs, baits, hooks, Down-rigger, Out-rigger, fishfinder).
  • Drinks: soft drinks, water and beers (if you want a particular brand of beer, please notify us in advance).
  • If you go for 6 and 8 hours, we include dry snacks and sandwiches.

Not Included

  • Fishing permit, $8 USD per person on board
  • Transportation, the price depends on the hotel.

Payment options

  • Cash
  • Credit/ Debit card

Payment in Mexican pesos depends on the exchange rate of the day the reservation is being made.

Fishing prices

33-foot boat for a maximum of 6 people on board.
4 hour fishing – 569 USD
6 hour fishing – 719 USD
8 hour fishing – 859 USD

35-foot boat for a maximum of 8 people on board.
4 hour fishing – 609 USD
6 hour fishing – 759 USD
8 hour fishing – 889 USD

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made 2 days before the scheduled time for the Tour do not apply a charge.
Cancellations made 24 hours before the scheduled time for the tour, a 20% charge applies.
Refunds do not apply if you do not show up at the agreed meeting point.

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