Property Management Puerto Morelos

The most important if you are looking for someone to manage your house while you are away, is to find the right person. Property management Puerto Morelos provides full-scale management services to Puerto Morelos homeowners. Your professionnal property management and maintenance in Puerto Morelos is right here.


Puerto Morelos a place that enchants all who visit it. A lovely place to invest in a property, for yourself to stay,to rent long term or short term, to do a vacation rental investment. Puerto Morelos is a corner of the Riviera Maya, located between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, where the Puerto Morelos Reef National Park is located, which is part of the reef barrier, also known as the Great Mayan Reef and you can snorkel and swim among the corals full of colorful fish.

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The services

  • Payment of Expenses
  • Hosting and Concierge Services
  • Regular Property Inspections
  • Maintenance Services
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Communication
  • Supplies
  • Concierge services


If you own a house in Puerto Morelos and plan to rent it while you are away, we offer a full rental management, property maintenace, housekeeping, hosting and concierge services for your guests. We also take care of a extensive marketing program to allow you to make the best benefits on your property. Contact your Property Management Puerto Morelos. works in an integral way fulfilling its value offer

Whether you are planning to invest or vacation, our multilingual staff is ready to help you.


Whether you are planning to invest or vacation, our multilingual staff is ready to help you.

Payment of Expenses

On time, we pay all the bills of the property. Water, light, internet, cable, gas, annual fidicommisso trust, property tax, beach tax etc.

Concierge Services

Meet and greet guests on arrival. Property Manager to ensure someone is available to provide keys at check-in 24 hrs / day.


Ensure the house has all the supplies such as gas, garbage collection, drinking water, spraying the house and garden.

Regular Property Inspections

Monthly cleaning of the property to keep it in good condition. Home and gardens fumigation, pool and garden maintenance

Maintenance Services

Ensure installations in the home are functioning properly, and if needed, oversee repairs and general ongoing maintenance by qualified technicians (or the service people the owners specify).

Housekeeping Services

We offer a professional housekeeping service to prepare the house for the guest arrival.


Keep all receipts for owner. Property Manager to maintain a running account for the owners and provide owners by email with a monthly statement of income/expenses/funds.

Your House

Check that everything in the house is working: all lights, fans, hot water, air conditioning, tv, cable, Internet, keys, locks, windows etc.


Collect security deposit to be refunded at check-out after a walk through providing no damages are found.

Pool cleaning in Puerto Morelos

Pool cleaning in Puerto Morelos Mexico

If you have a pool on your property, it is very important to clean it at least once a week. Do not let it become green and hire professionnals to do your pool maintenance in Puerto Morelos.

Fumigation in Puerto Morelos

Fumigation in Puerto Morelos

Fumigation is a method of pest control/ removal of harmful micro-oganisms that completely fills an area with gaseous pesticides. The fumigation of a home is often used to combat against the presence of bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas and other hard to remove insects that can cause a great deal of damage to your home and harm to your family.

Inspection of air conditioner filters

An air filter collects dirt and dust over time and therefore must be cleaned regularly. The EPA recommends that you inspect your AC filter at least every 3 months. In case you reside in a dusty area, or there are pets or children inside the house, you should consider getting the filter inspected every month.

Property Management Puerto Morelos

Payment of all utility bills and taxes in a timely manner to ensure early bird discounts where applicable


If you wish to invest in Puerto Morelos or the Riviera Maya, send us a message talking about your project! We will be soon in contact with you to share with you our services!


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