Technical secondary modality

In the technical secondary modality, the teaching that is given includes the academic subjects of technical secondary education, in addition to subjects to train students in industrial, commercial, agricultural, fishing and forestry technological activities;

Its purpose is to prepare the student to enter the upper secondary level and, in addition, give him the opportunity to enter the labor market with a preparatory technological education.

Technical Secundary, like other Educational Institutions, have symbols that represent and characterize people as members of a community. The symbol is something that identifies, it is something more than a sign because it is deeply felt, an image that guides loyalties and mobilizes emotions by itself.
Being an important part in the psychological development of adolescents by creating or increasing moral values and a sense of identity, it is necessary that students, teachers, educational authorities and pedagogical technical personnel know the emblems and distinctives of Technical Secondary Education.
These symbols are visual, auditory and representative of some value or quality of our educational model:

Our values

Values based on the Code of Conduct for Public Servants of the Ministry of Public Education.


  • Types : Secundary school


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