Cenotes Puerto Morelos

Near Puerto Morelos, a small town in the Caribbean of the Yucatan Peninsula, you will find incredible places, surrounded by nature that are unique in the world. On the highway that connects Puerto Morelos and the town of Leona Vicario, there is a corridor of approximately 35 km known as the “Ruta de los Cenotes”, it has more than 60 cenotes Puerto Morelos where you will find a wide variety of activities.

How to get to la ruta de los cenotes Puerto Morelos?

The Ruta de los Cenotes is five kilometers from Puerto Morelos and approximately 40 kilometers from Cancun. Traveling through this entire area could become difficult if you do not have your own transportation, so we suggest you rent a car, hire a taxi or hire a a tour that shows you the main Cenotes in Puerto Morelos and its surroundings.

Cenotes Puerto Morelos

In the cenotes you can do a wide variety of activities both to relax and have fun, you will find activities for the whole family. The main activities are:

  • Snorkel
  • Scuba Diving
  • Zip Line
  • Kayak
  • Biking
  • Rapel
  • Bungee jumping
  • Horse riding
  • ATV

If none of these activities is to your liking, you can also just swim and relax in the middle of nature, in addition to many cenote you can find restaurants or souvenir shops.

Take into account that the vast majority of cenotes have an entrance fee and if you want to do some extra activity, you will have to pay for it. We recommend buying the packages that include transportation and entrance to the cenotes Puerto Morelos, as they will help you save time and money.

Ruta de los Cenotes

Puerto Morelos Cenotes

Best Cenotes in Puerto Morelos

1.Cenote Las Mojarras

This is the most important cenote in the entire region, it is especially at km 12.2 of the route of the cenotes, its name is assigned to the proportion of mojarras that inhabit the site and that it was put by the same inhabitants of the place. This cenote is open, although very deep, in this cenote you will have the possibility of doing activities such as horseback riding and camping, its value is $125 MXN for children and $100 for adults and that it has inside in addition to the entrance to the cenote , the use of the diving tower and the zip line.

2.Chilam Balam

The Chilam Balam Cenote is a space for an adventure tour, a true natural environment, where you can enjoy nature on the Mayan jungle tour and finish the tour in the quality and transparent waters of a beautiful cenote. In the cenote you can dive and examine the interior, swim or snorkel, as well as cool off and contemplate the excellence and jewel of this gift of nature. The cost varies between $100-$250 MXN.

3.Cenote Verde Lucero

It is located at km 17 of the Ruta de los Cenotes road. It is an open-air cenote, which makes it easy to see its beauty and the diversity of colors that the water achieves in relation to the time of day. The cenote is a crystal clear pool and the maximum depth is 20 meters. The occupations that you can do are snorkeling, zip lines and it has two natural interfaces for diving, one 3 meters high and the other 7 meters precisely. The Price is $150 MXN.

4.Cenote Boca del puma

This amazing park has two cenotes, zip lines, bike and ATV tours, as well as horseback riding, climbing and rappelling. Here you will also have the opportunity to understand the history and preparation of chewing gum. In addition, there is a circuit of seven zip lines with an approximate length of 700 meters which reach an agility of 30 km/h, here you will also have the possibility of enjoying ATV rides, rappelling, horseback riding, for example, the regular value of the entry is 300 MXN.

5.Cenote Siete Bocas

It is a semi-open cenote. Its name is given by its seven vents, some of them connected to each other, which makes it easy for you to swim from one to another while you enjoy watching the roots of the trees fall in search of water. The entrance fee is $300 MXN for adults and $250 MXN for children. Eight kilometers away from the Siete Bocas cenote you will find an open cenote, which you can reach by bicycle or ATV.

ruta de los cenotes

6.Cenote Zapote

It is inside the park of the same name “Parque Cenote Zapote” is 52 meters deep and is unique in its kind thanks to its spectacular mineral formations known as “Bells of the Underworld”, stalactites that were born underwater. To observe them, it is a requirement to dive and have a certification that proves that you are a professional diver, since it has a great depth. The park has two other cenotes called Abuelo Che Che and Las Palmas; You will also find a zip line, bicycle tours and ATV circuits. The value is $650 MXN. One of the best options is to hire a tour that includes transportation and entrance to the place.

7.La Noria

In the direction of Leona Vicario is the La Noria cenote, located precisely at kilometer 20 of the route, to reach it you must walk precisely 1.5 km of dirt path. It is possibly the largest of the cenotes route, with precisely about 18 meters deep, in this cenote you will have the possibility of doing activities such as zip lines and ATV rides, the entrance fee is $100 MXN.

8.Cenote Kin Ha

It is located at km 20 of the Puerto Morelos – Leona Vicario highway. This unique cenote is part of a system of underground rivers and its name in Mayan means “sun and water”. The Kin Ha cenote has a diameter of 40 meters and a depth of 50, making it ideal for diving training, free diving and cave diving. Photons from the sun filtering into this body of water create a beautiful light show. Deeper you have the possibility of seeing incredible stalactites. The occupations that you can find in this cenote are kayaking, zip lines, temazcal, snorkeling and diving. The entry value is $350 MXN

9.Reserva Toh

This reserve is dedicated to carrying out activities for the conservation of the environment, it is located at kilometer 19 of the route near this reserve you will have the possibility of seeing its fauna in which there are deer, monkeys and birds toh, a cedar plantation red which is at risk of extinction, the reserve has precisely three cenotes, some of the occupations that you will have the possibility of using in the reserve are meditations and night walks, the entrance is priced at $270$ MXN.


This amazing adventure park gives you different occupations such as bungee jumping, swimming in a cenote, a circuit of ten zip lines, all-terrain transport tours, a human roller coaster, which will test your most adventurous spirit.

ruta de los cenotes

Cenotes opening hours

Most of the cenotes located on the cenote route are open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. I recommend that you check the cenotes you want to visit in advance and check their hours.

What to bring to visit the cenotes?

If you go to the route of the cenotes it is necessary that you take with you, a swimsuit, a towel, a hat to protect you from the sun, fresh clothes, biodegradable and effective sunscreen

Additional features:

  • Water shoes
  • Waterproof cover
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof bag or dry bag
cenotes en Puerto Morelos