Build a house in Puerto Morelos

Property investment in Quintana Roo is growing and is getting very popular to generate passive income and build a projet for your future. To build a house in Puerto Morelos, you will need the best building company to realise your dream house in the Riviera Maya. 

With 10 year of experience, working on different project in the Riviera Maya and Mexico, we will make your dreams come true. 


The building collective will help you get the best construction team to build a house in Puerto Morelos. Whether you are a national or foreigner investor and no matter the scale of the project , they can help you get the best of the best! They offer all the services that involves a construction, from market studies to construction supervision.

Build a house in Puerto Morelos

The services

· Market studies (with proven empirical data)
· Legal structure for real estate developments
· Fiscal strategies for real estate developments
· Federal and Municipal permits in Quintana Roo
· Architectural design
· Interior design
· Construction supervision

Build a house in Mexico

The company is aimed primarily at the commercial, industrial, residential and hospital housing sectors.

Constructoras en Cancún works in an integral way fulfilling its value offer

They have highly trained architects and engineers with enormous experience who support the designs meeting and exceeding the expectations of our users, following the Official Mexican Standards.

Architects in Puerto Morelos

Information on architectural projects

  • Descriptive memory.
  • Overall plan.
  • Architectural plants.
  • Sections (longitudinal, transversal, etc).
  • Facades or elevations.
  • Cuts for facades.
  • Masonry plant.
  • Finishing plant.
  • Finishing and painting of facades.
  • Constructive details.
  • Door and window plans.
  • Ceiling and drawer plant.
  • Quantification of materials.
  • Exploded floors.
  • Analysis of unitary prices.

Electrical installation

Building a house Puerto Morelos

Design electrical installations that reduce installation costs, maintaining quality and complying with all current regulations NOM-001-SEDE-2012.

House Remodelation

Interior design Puerto Morelos

Restructuring is the development by means of which editions are made to a space, modifying the dimensions, organization, lighting and finishes to offer it a new life, to transform it into an ideal space with an exceptional design.


House builder Puerto Morelos

Specialized in lighting studies, providing comprehensive high definition resolutions for cheap and energy savings; achieving a well planned and structured venture that meets the standards set in the regulations.


If you wish to invest in a land in Puerto Morelos or the Riviera MAya an project to build a house in Puerto Morelos, send us a message talking about your project! We will be soon in contact with you with to made your dream happen!


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