Find out about Cancun’s top 10 secrets in this text we present here. First of all, we have Ruta de los Cenotes, which is not to be missed. According to the Mayan tradition, the water in the cenotes is pristine and clean because it has not been touched by light. Therefore, they were considered sacred places where they performed majestic ceremonies to pay tribute to their gods.

500 meters from the intersection of the road leading to Puerto Morelos and the road to Playa del Carmen rises an arch that marks the beginning of the cenote route. There are three: “Seven Mouths”, “Boca de puna” and “Verde Lucero”, each of them is like this really a package where you can do motorcycle or bike tours, zip lines, zip lines and camping; additionally, of course, enter the cenote with snorkeling equipment and fully appreciate it a spectacular miracle of nature.

Two. Author’s cuisine

Sebastián Baeza was still in Chile Niobuyuki Matsuhisa, one of the best chefs in the world, lived in this country. From him – nothing more and nothing less – he learned the first secrets of Nikkei cuisine (as a combination of Japanese and Japanese cuisine). peruana), a concept that he develops exceptionally in the Iki restaurant, which he owns together with Arañado and Jonathan Schoeneman and the chef. He himself is the author of every recipe on the menu such as Potstickers, made of wonton dough (especially fried but cooked) and stuffed with beef, chicken or shrimp, as well as Philadelphia cheese, vegetables and Thai yellow Iki only opened last September, no as another restaurant in the hotel zone, but as an ambitious proposition in the center of Cancun, which already gives a lot to talk about.

Three. Among the largest in the world

This is another of the 10 Cancun secrets you should know. Cape Catoche is born in the far north of Quinta Roo and stretches along the coasts of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. It is the largest coral reef in the world after Australia’s Great Carolina Barrier. It measures approximately 900 kilometers in total, 300 of which are in Mexico.

10 Cancun Secrets

One of the places where it can be best appreciated is Puerto Morelos, an area declared a National Park Nature Conservation Area in 1998. There, two-hour tours for $ 25 are offered, where you can also see different species of marine animals such as barracudas, rays, white turtles, and countless multi-colored fish.

Four. Music to share

In its twenty-year history, Roots Jazz Club has had the honor of presenting musicians such as Danilo Pérez, Carles Benavente (Paco de Lucía bassists), Ramón Valle, Francisco Mela and Juan D’Anyelica (who performed with outstanding success every Saturday for eight years) to to name just a few of the most important characters. Traditional, funk, Latin, reggae, afro, flamenco, contemporary … every variant of jazz has a place here that has become a point of reference among connoisseurs.

This is thanks to Herbert Grunewald, a passionate life who, as he himself says, the most important thing in owning a club like Roots is to be able to devote yourself to one of the things he likes the most: jazz. German by birth, he came to Mexico in 1985, interested in learning about our culture; being here, he says, fell in love with the Mexicans and didn’t want to go anymore, Roots Jazz Club offers live music every weekend.

Bake. Hacienda Andalusia

It is impossible not to include this miracle in the top 10 Cancun secrets that no one should miss. Definitely the Cancun riding experience is not an automatic association, but all you have to do is set a foot in Hacienda Andalucía and see its spectacular objects to start to suspect you are in the right place.

Among what they offer to the public are polo lessons and horse jumping, as well as carriage rides or pony rides. But the best are the night shows, which include typical Mexican dances, lively mariachi, floradotes de reata, charro skirmishes, and acrobatic and high school riders. The sight of a Texan standing on a horse at full speed is truly shocking. The show is accompanied by a Mexican-style buffet dinner and a nationwide open bar.

Six. The history of chewing gum

Chewing gum is world famous, but few know that Cancun’s Quintana RooVallarta, or more precisely, occupies a fundamental place in its history.

There was born Jesús Sánchez Herrera, grandson of Mauricio Sánchez, one of the five pioneers who came to this untamed region to work in the production of rubber. Jesús owns the Boca del Puma Ecological Park, and every time he receives visitors, he looks for an opportunity to tell them about how these men extracted the resin from the chicozapote tree and then processed it into chewing gum. You can see that the story arouses a special fascination in him, it is wonderful that he manages to pass it on to anyone who takes a few minutes to listen to it.

Seven. House specialty

For those of us who live far from the coast, visiting the beach and not eating fresh fish and seafood is unforgivable. However, we often do not leave behind a cocktail, ceviche or a steak with garlic sauce. Well, there is a dish in Cancun not to be missed: fish a la Tikin-Xic, a Yucatecan recipe based on ahiot. The best place to eat it is the Río Nizuc Restaurant, a rustic beachfront venue with almost 30 years of tradition, where the owners of the best restaurants in the area will ask for it as a “house special”. Why does this dish taste better there than anywhere else? Perhaps because they give it adequate cooking time (the waiter advises 40 minutes to prepare) or because they grind annatto with pepper, garlic and lemon right there, or because they add it to the flake coals so they say it absorbs the taste better. Either way, bliss is the result; This has been supporting customer loyalty for decades and that’s why we’ve got another of Cancun’s top 10 secrets here.

Eight. Ecological art

Renato Dorfman was born in Mexico City in 1971. He came to Cancun with his family at the age of 15 and there he became interested in the Mayan culture.

Marveling at the scenery of the then unspoiled paradise, Renato developed a deep appreciation for nature that later became the basis of his artistic proposition. Many of his works can be seen in different parts of Cancun and the Riviera Maya, such as Xcaret Ecological Park and Mayafair Square; and in many hotels such as Barceló Rivera Maya, Meliá Cancún, Meliá Turquesa, Bahía Principe, Moon Palace and Club Med.
He also has a mural in Savonina, Switzerland and monumental sculptures in Jamaica and in Abraham Lincoln Park in Mexico City, to name just a few points. Renato Dorfman’s work is undoubtedly something worth getting to know better.

Nine. Sunset in the lagoon

Let the afternoon fall as we sail through the calm waters of the Nichupté lagoon, feeling the sea breeze that is nearby, with a sky full of magic created by the setting sun, live saxophone music and a delicious lobster dinner, all aboard a 16th-century galleon in Spanish style. Can you ask for more? Perhaps the opportunity to spend the evening aboard a cruise is not entirely Cancun’s secret, but it is something that seduces everyone, especially those traveling together. Tours depart daily at 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM from the Aquatours Dock.

There are 10 secrets of Cancun for tourism and the last one is always waiting for you to find it and share it with your friends and relatives. Wait no more, spend your vacation in the Mexican Caribbean and have fun.

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